Carpal Tunnel Master Program This is a review of the Carpal Tunnel Master program by Hilma Volk who has been a massage therapist since 1991.

She claims that the techniques she teaches in her videos can reverse carpal tunnel syndrome.

Not only that, but she claims that carpal tunnel syndrome is not even the most common cause of numbness, tingling, or pain in the hands wrist and forearm.  Hilma also claims that most courses only cover stretching for the carpal tunnel itself and ignore the other possible courses.

She also claims that stretching is not the nearly as effective as her specific no hands or minimal hands self-massage techniques.

The following is just one of many testimonials:

Some days I hated to use my hands at all because they hurt. I had a whole variety of pains, sometimes it was like electric needles in the palm, sometimes one hand or the other and sometimes both.

Frequently I had pain in the base of the thumb. Sometimes the fingers would throb like the blood couldn’t get thru. A lot of time they bothered me at night and they would ache up to the elbows if I had cut the grass or snowblowed. Sometimes the pain in the palm of my hand felt like bones on bones and it hurt to stretch my hands. Almost always they felt numb. I’ve had this condition since ’94 and just lived with it. I never sought medical treatment because I didn’t like the advice that was given (surgery or pills) …

Just out of curiosity one day I decided to look on the internet to see if there was anything new on this problem. Well, I bought Hilmas course. I started with scalene stretches and got immediate relief. Then the next few days as i got thru the videos I used the tennis ball to massage the forearms and upper arms and did the stretch against the wall. Right away I was practically pain free and now I can hardly remember what the pain was like! The numbness is gone and my hands are more limber and I’m going to keep them this way!


See the screenshots on the right column to see the contents of the program.  This is inside the members area.

PROS:  Easy to follow videos on how to tell where your problem is coming from and how to fix it yourself.  A second section numerous topics (such as thumb pain, supplements, neck pain, stretches and much more) Excellent customer service.  60 day money-back  guarantee.

CONS: Covers perhaps too much information.  There is no DVD or other physical product, it is all online or downloads.

CONCLUSION:  The Carpal Tunnel Master program excellent choice for those who are willing to put in a little effort to avoid the risks and expenses of drugs, shots and surgery.


Thank you! Your videos have been very helpful, keep up the great work!!!  Hope to see you on Dr. Oz sometime soon :)